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  • Masai Mara lion cub rescued

    January 9th, 2012Safari GatewayAdventure Travel, Blog Watch, Inspiration, Wildlife Photography

    Zambezi Safari & Travel CompanyHere’s an incredible sequence of shots attributed to Jean-Francois Largot in which a lion cub is rescued by its mother from a deep river gully in Kenya’s Masai Mara where migration safaris are the big attraction.

    image courtesy Jean-Francois Largot

    …mother deliberates from the top of the river bank whilst the cub calls for help and hangs on tight…

    image courtesy Jean-Francois Largot

    …things are getting precarious as the mother tries to get down to the stricken cub…

    …she retreats back up the bank whilst the cub hangs on in quiet desperation…

    courtesy Jean-Francois Largot

    …aunts and an uncle watch on as the mother prepares for another attempt…

    …the lioness is nearly there but the cub’s seriously rattled by now…

    …as the cub loses his grip he’s snatched by the scruff of the neck!

    courtesy Jean-Francois Largot

    …and she beats a powerful and hasty retreat up to safety…

    courtesy Jean-Francois Largot

    Now if she could speak what would this lioness be saying?

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    …and on a similar note, how’s this for an elephant rescue account from the Luangwa valley…

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